Iced Teas Replacing the Soft Drinks

by | Jun 27, 2012 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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Soft drinks are no doubt lucrative in hot summer season, but they are in no way healthy for regular consumption. This realisation has made many youth to take up iced tea as their regular drink. Recent researches have proved that iced teas are far better and healthier than popular soft drinks in market. Many people doubt that iced teas are not as healthy as hot one but research proved them wrong. Iced teas are as healthy as hot teas and it can be also used for some addition purpose where you cannot use hot one.

There are some very strong reasons why nutrition, physicians and health conscious people is preferring tea as their regular drink. And those who are not yet convinced about the beneficial role of iced tea they must notice the following points. To start with, iced teas are rich in vitamin C, E and K. Like all other tea preparation, iced teas are rich source of anti oxidants, amino acids and many more helpful chemical that protect your body against cell damages by free radicals. Free radicals are dangerous elements which are often responsible for cancer growth in body. Iced teas help in removing free radicals and help you to develop a shield against cancer.

Teas are specially known for its antioxidant quality. Antioxidants are very useful elements that remove harmful elements from the body. Antioxidants are often called flavonoiod and a glass of iced tea (black or green) contains 140 to 200 mg of flavonoids. It is also helpful in developing immune system in body. Iced teas are best for those who are addicted to nicotine or caffeine. If two cups of iced tea is consumed regularly, it helps to remove the effect of caffeine and nicotine from the body and also helps in the growth of white blood cells.

Iced tea can also relieve you from small cut or insect bite. Green iced tea is best for this purpose. Apply some iced tea in the affected area by cotton pads, and just see how it works on your cut. It also helps to reduce soreness, itching and pain. Make sure you apply only iced tea for this purpose not the hot one.

Iced tea is also helpful in checking skin damage and skin cancer caused by sun rays. It acts as natural antibiotic and removes sun tan by rejuvenating the skin. The cold tea leaves are also helpful in removing puffy eyes. Iced tea helps in lowering blood pressure and treating diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer.

Iced teas are helpful in reducing blood sugar by balancing insulin secretion. Again regular intake of iced tea helps in controlling blood cholesterol and keeps internal organs healthy. If you regular drink comes with such helpful contribution then you will obviously like to have one glass each day. Moreover, iced teas are much cheaper than other soft drinks and also they come in various delicious flavours.

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