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Choosing Pipe Tobacco

Pipe tobacco comes in many blends, tastes, and aromas. If you’re thinking about venturing into pipe smoking, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the most common types of tobacco on the market. As you become a seasoned pipe smoker, you’ll really begin to...

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Buy Flavored Cigars Online

There are different types of flavored cigars online for sale. One of the pleasures of being a cigar aficionado is the opportunity to try out different flavors and take their smoking pleasure to the next level. Flavored cigars have been in production for a long time...

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Select Perfection with Garcia Y Vega

In 1882, Garcia Y Vega cigars were manufactured by Swedish Match and are considered very popular among the United States smokers. Other brands from Swedish Match include White Owl, Game, Longhorn, Timber Wolf, Red Man and more. While some people still prefer a Cuban...

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Silk Wallpaper for the Civilized Décor

When The Peking Opera produced Ba Wang Bie Ji’s "Farewell My Concubine", audiences applauded the overthrow of evil procured in the interest of prestige and power. The legacy of the concubine as a force in memory and independence in China’s imaginary arises from the...

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