Copper Ionization Is a Chlorine Free Pool Shock System

With more concerns being raised about chlorinated water, many homeowners who have swimming pools are looking for ways to keep their pools clean without using chlorine. One of the more popular alternatives is using copper ionization to help sanitize the water and keep it free from bacteria, algae and other organic matter.

Why Is Chlorine Harmful?

Chlorine is the most common way that people keep their swimming pools clean. It acts to sanitize the water, killing both bacteria and germs. It helps to oxidize the water, which means it controls organic matter that comes from human bodies and chlorine also helps to control algae. Algae can be harmful to humans and it can clog up a swimming pool’s filtering system.

Despite its usefulness, chlorine can also be harmful to humans. It gives off a strong odor, which can irritate eyes and lungs. For people, especially young children, with sensitive skin, it can irritate and dry it out and chlorine is has been linked to cancer. Fortunately, there are chlorine free pool shock systems.

Using Copper Ionization for Swimming Pools

An increasingly popular way to sanitize home swimming pools is through the use of copper ionization systems. These systems can keep your pool free from harmful bacteria, algae and other organic matter by inserting positively charged copper and silver ions into the water system.

Organic substances, including bacteria and algae, are negatively charged, so they are attracted to the copper and silver ions in the water. When they attach to the ions, they are neutralized, which helps keep your pool clean and safe for swimming at any time. This chlorine free pool shock system has been proven harmless to humans, so you can allow your small children to play in the pool as much as they want.

Copper Ionization Saves Money

Even though there is an initial cost of installing an ionization system, the system usually pays for itself in just a few years. You will save money because you won’t have to keep buying pool chemicals to sanitize it. In addition, accessories, such as pool liners, will last longer. Pool chemicals like chlorine can damage these items.

Pool chemicals can be dangerous if stored incorrectly as they can react with one another and give off toxic fumes. With a copper ionization system, you don’t have to worry about proper storage as there are no chemicals used in the process. Although you may still have to occasionally use chlorine to help thoroughly sanitize your pool and its equipment, you won’t use near as much, making your pool water much safer for your family.

By using a copper ionization system, you can feel confident about your pool’s safety and host pool parties all summer long.

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