Month: December 2013


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The Tobacco Debate

Have you ever heard an adult say – “Yes, I do smoke and I like it BUT, I do not want my children to follow me in this habit”? This rather sums up today’s controversies over all types of tobacco consumption. I know It’s Bad BUT, It Won’t Harm Me Most, if not all,...

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Going Green for Beauty and Health

More and more people are seeking healthy, greener choices for themselves and their children. So many beauty products can expose you and your family to dangerous ingredients and seeking newer products such as Alikay Naturals products will introduce you to both...

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Is a gunny sack the same as a burlap bag?

Gunny sack is a strange sounding term for what in the US is simply called a burlap bag. There is some interesting history behind the term through. Burlap is a material which is made from hemp or jute. These agricultural products were first grown in India and the...

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A Few Tips For Buying Wine Glasses

There are a few basic tips when you set out to buy wine glasses. First of course is the type of wine that you most frequently drink at home, red or white. Crystal wine glasses are extremely expensive and they are also easily broken and are not recommended for daily...

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