Snow Cone Machines Are A Money Spinner

by | Jul 7, 2012 | Gifts


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On a hot summers day, ice cream and snow cones will always remain a favourite. The snow cone has been an American favourite for the last 150 years. Coming with a variety of different flavours and extras, snow cones are a popular dessert or snack, being served both indoors and outdoors throughout most of the year. While many businesses have been established as specialists in the sale of snow cones, it is for the most part best used as part of a larger menu you can offer customers.

Does A Snow Cone Machine Make Sense For Your Business?

Given the popularity of snow cones, snow cone machines are required to produce the quantities of shaved ice required for the snow cones you wish to sell. Along with the shaved ice, most customers are used to a wide variety of flavours that can be added to the cone, so it’s important to make sure that you have a wide selection of flavours if you want to keep your snow cone machine working overtime.

Snow cone machines make the most sense for existing ice cream parlours, smoothie bars, coffee shops and concession stands. Location is obviously key for any business, and with the sale of snow cones often being seasonal, it’s a good idea to offer a variety of both hot and cold options.

As with any business, location is crucial. And given the size of most snow cone machines, there is a great deal of flexibility in where they can be operated. A small stand at a community fair or fete is a great location, while many snow cone sellers have had their snow cone machines installed in mobile vans and units that they use to follow events or park in high traffic areas. Special events are always a great place to be, especially outdoor events like football or baseball and even music concerts and trade fairs.

Permanent locations like malls and shopping centers with high traffic are also ideal, and trade is possible on a daily basis throughout the week. While it’s advised that you offer more than just snow cones in permanent locations, snow cones are an excellent supplement to your existing business, offering your customers a variety in your menu that won’t be hard on your own inventory or operating costs.

Given the easy operation of snow cone machines and their low running costs, along with the popularity of snow cones, a snow cone machine becomes a bit of a no brainier if you already have a parlour or coffee shop. Staff can be trained easily too, and snow cones can be added to your menu with little hassle or need for excessive management.


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