Are Classic Cigarettes Better?

by | Apr 3, 2012 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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Why are Winston and Salem two of the most successful cigarette brands on the market? The answer is simpler than you might realize. As most smokers know, each individual cigarette brand has something different to bring to the table, which is why certain lines of tobacco products are much more popular with consumers than others. In the case of Winston and Salem cigarettes, there are a number of fundamental traits that have led many to consider them to be much more desirable than some of the many other cigarette brands out there. In this article, we’ll examine a few of the differences between traditional cigarettes and those of the Winston and Salem brands in order to get a better understanding of just what makes them tick.

Menthol factors heavily into the popularity of Salem cigarettes.There have been numerous studies indicating that the vast majority of smokers tend to prefer menthol cigarettes over classic rolls. In fact, statistical evidence suggests that as many as 60% of regular smokers value menthol cigarettes above other types. In order to understand why this is, we must first acquaint ourselves with the nature of menthol and the effects it has on the human body.

Simply put, menthol is a chemical compound that is used in the production of many types of cigarettes. The compound exists in nature, but synthetic production is also rather common. Basically what menthol does is create a pleasant, cool sensation when a smoker takes a drag from their cigarette. This is thought to make menthol rolls such as Salem cigarettes more comfortable to use. Classic cigarettes such as Winston tend to induce a slight burning sensation when smoke is inhaled into the lungs, making them a bit more difficult to smoke than other cigarettes.

Because of the pleasurable feeling of inhaling puffs from menthol cigarettes, they are thought to have relatively addictive properties. Studies have shown that smokers who use Winston, Salem, and other brands of menthol and classic cigarettes tend to inhale in shorter drags in order to prolong the sensation. Furthermore, there is evidence which suggests that menthol smokers also consume more cigarettes on a regular basis than individuals who prefer more classic cigarette varieties.

In addition to being much easier to smoke, menthol cigarettes are often much less expensive. People who smoke regularly must often shell out large amounts of money to support their smoking; menthol cigarettes can help mitigate that problem. Whether they are actually better than classic cigarettes is up to the individual, but it’s certain that Winston and Salem rolls are here to stay.

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