Month: November 2013


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Tips to Customize Your Charity Event

When you're hosting a charity event, you want it to be memorable for the guests and the contributors. One way to ensure that they will come back to donate again, is to customize everything that they come in contact with throughout the event. This includes promotional...

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All About Pawn Shops

Pawn Shops Detroit are not like what you see on reality TV. Sure, some of them would have you think they are since TV shows have put the spotlight on pawn shops. More of them advertise with tough pictures of the whole staff in biker clothes, but really it is hit or...

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Applying Custom Artwork To Personal Items

Be it a mouse pad, a coffee mug or a T-shirt, we all like our personal belongings to reflect something about ourselves – even if it is only having our name on them. If all we want is our name; then, there are plenty of mass produced items available in the stores. But,...

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