Promotional Personalized Items: Mistakes To Avoid

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Gifts


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Promotional personalized items can be a fantastic way to advertise your business at a low cost with great payoff. Studies have repeatedly shown that at least eighty-three percent of people remember the branding on promotional personalized items. In today’s society, where it’s easy to change the channel or turn the page, advertising has become increasingly easy to ignore. This is where promotional items come in handy – it’s hard to ignore a logo staring a person in the face every time an item is used. This method of advertising seems to be foolproof, but there are a few things business owners and marketing departments should avoid in order to ensure ultimate success.

Delivery Time

Searching for the perfect promotional item can be a lot of fun – so much fun that some business owners can miss ordering deadlines, rendering the items useless. In certain cases, a delivery date may be irrelevant; perhaps the items will be used on an ongoing basis, or in connection with a mail-out that has no strict due date. In other cases, promotional items are ordered for trade shows or in connection with timed promotions. In these cases, it’s important to note the ordering deadline on the website, to ensure the items arrive with plenty of time to put together the marketing packages.

Package Compilation

If the promotional item is going to be mailed out, or given away in connection with another item, keep in mind that you will need time to prepare the mailings or to put the marketing package together. One excellent tip is to put the mailing list together ahead of time, or to compile whatever part of the package you can before the promotional personalized items arrive. This saves an incredible amount of time, allowing you to simply add the promotional item once it arrives to the package. Just be sure not to affix any postage until after you receive the item, to be sure it’s enough.


While it’s advisable to include duplicates of inexpensive items, such as pens or pencils, be sure to mix up the promotional items ordered. If you’re attending a trade show, for example, don’t simply re-order the same thing you handed out last year. If the promotional item ordered in prior years is of good quality, there’s a good chance your client base already has one. Try to mix it up, in order to hit upon a variety of interests, and to maximize exposure.

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