Can You Buy Electronic Cigarettes Online?

by | Jul 25, 2012 | Electronics


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If you are tired of paying the high taxes tacked onto a pack of cigarettes or tired of the restrictions for smokers today, then it is time to consider purchasing electronic cigarettes. The electronic cigarette has become increasingly popular over the last decade as many smokers are fed up with not being able to smoke when they need or want to and with the cost of cigarettes drastically rising each year. Many users wonder what the fuss is about and if you can buy electronic cigarettes online.

First, an electronic cigarette is a battery operated smoking device which produces a nicotine vapor for the user to inhale and lets off a non-toxic steam instead of smoke. For a short time, electronic cigarettes were associated with quit smoking devices, but they are not actually beneficial in that manner. E-cigs still contain habit-forming nicotine which is what keeps smokers, smoking. The overall mix of chemicals that are found in the cartridges for e-cigs are considered less harmful than the hordes of chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

An electronic cigarette is composed of a cylinder that is usually shaded to look like a cigarette although some manufacturers make them simply black or silver colored. At the end is an LED light which often comes in red but is also available in blue and green from some manufacturers. This is designed to look like the tip of a cigarette. On the inside there is a small battery which is comparable to a standard watch battery and the cigarette cartridge which features the flavor and inhalants that you choose. When you purchase a starter kit you typically receive two or three electronic cigarettes with the batteries and LED lights and a select number of cartridges.

The big question for many users is can you buy electronic cigarettes online? The convenience and discounted prices that are associated with online shopping are one of the biggest reasons people want to know if you can buy electronic cigarettes online. The answer is yes. You can buy electronic cigarettes online from any of the manufacturers or through wholesale websites which offer a variety of options in e-cigs to choose from. Be sure to compare and contrast the different options available from each manufacturer. The third party retail websites may not offer the same deals as the manufacturers. For example, manufacturers often offer more flavorings for the cartridges and the ability to purchase them in larger quantities at a discounted price.

If you would like to buy electronic cigarettes online then you simply need to use your search engine to find the retailer or manufacturer that you prefer. Most companies do have a limited return policy if you are not satisfied with your e-cig.

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