A Few Tips For Buying Wine Glasses

There are a few basic tips when you set out to buy wine glasses. First of course is the type of wine that you most frequently drink at home, red or white. Crystal wine glasses are extremely expensive and they are also easily broken and are not recommended for daily use when you are simply enjoying a glass of wine at home. It is a far better idea to buy logo wine glasses that are more durable, the glass should be thicker but free from any imperfections. Although these types of less expensive glasses are more durable, they still get broken but as they are relatively inexpensive it is not a burden to buy a few spares.

Although wine can be served from any shape glass, it is enjoyed more if the glasses are the correct shape for the type of wine. Although wine is a beverage, it also is drunk with the nose and the glass shape helps in delivering the bouquet to the nose of the drinker.

Logo Wine Glasses that are purchased for use with red wines have a larger bowl and a wider mouth or top. This shape is ideal as red wines need to breathe and with the larger mouth, this is enhanced as is the aroma which can be very different depending on the region the wine was produced.

White wine glasses are very different; they are quite tall and narrow with a smaller bowl diameter and mouth. This shape keeps the wine cold which is the way white wine is consumed. Although there are minor differences, champagne is also drunk from a white wine glass, in this case the glass size and shape prevents the bubbles from escaping.

When looking at the various glasses that are available for daily use, select one with a reasonably large diameter base which stabilizes the glass when sitting on the table. The stem and the glass thickness should thick as it reduces the chance of breakage. Also pay attention to any flaws, although these glasses are mass produced, they rarely have flaws but it can and does happen. Inspect the rim and ensure that it is smooth, sit the glass on a flat surface to make sure it sits straight. If you observe flaws, do not buy the glasses.


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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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