Is a gunny sack the same as a burlap bag?

Gunny sack is a strange sounding term for what in the US is simply called a burlap bag. There is some interesting history behind the term through. Burlap is a material which is made from hemp or jute. These agricultural products were first grown in India and the fibers were used for making twine and rope due to its enormous strength. When India was a colony of Great Britain, some of this raw material was sent back from India to the UK and a device to weave it was developed. Burlap bags for sale quickly became the preferred way to ship bulk material such as coffee, tobacco, grains, etc. Now, the word gunny comes from the original Sanskrit word “goni” which simply means bag. The word was adopted into the English language and goni became gunny. The term burlap comes from the construction material of the bags.

Burlap is a very dense, coarse material that is woven from the raw materials jute or hemp. This fabric has immense tensile strength so it makes an ideal bag for heavy contents. The material is hard to destroy but when it has done its job, as it is totally biodegradable, it simply disintegrates. Even when the burlap bag has finished with its primary function it can be recycled as it has many uses.

Burlap bags for sale are often purchased for the creation of a flood barrier. As the bags are inexpensive, when filled with sand they make a great flood wall. There are a number of ways that burlap bags can be used in erosion control. They are ideal when they are filled with soil and used to hold back erosion on a steep hillside until the vegetation can take hold and as they are biodegradable, they simply become part of the landscape as time goes by.

Use burlaps bags are for sale and are used for decoration and also for recreation; how could children have a sack race without a burlap bag? As many of the bags are printed with the company name and original contents, they can be used as interesting decorative pieces around the home, especially a home that favors Early American décor or those homes that have a rustic feel to them.

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