Why Your Collection Should Include Some Full Tang Swords

by | Dec 26, 2017 | Shopping


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There’s no denying that collecting swords can be an exciting hobby. There is such a multitude of wonderful modern designs as well as vintage swords that collecting them has never been easier or more exciting. For the serious collector, though, not all swords are created equal so it’s important to ensure that one’s collection is not only valuable but full of quality pieces.

Avoiding the Cheap Blades

Unlike many inferior copies, full tang swords are made as one piece. The metal piece extends all the way through the handle, with the handle often being composed of two pieces and attached to the bottom of the metal blade handle. What this means is that full tang swords are superior in terms of strength and durability. It also means that they are much sought after by the serious collector.

The Growing Market Value of Swords

Prices on many older and vintage swords have recently increased due not only to the popularity of collecting but also speculation on their market value in the future. For many people, this makes collecting them an enjoyable hobby and also a long-term investment.

One would think that the market is largely driven only by antique swords but the fact is that there are now plenty of manufacturers who are investing more money into creating exquisitely designed and crafted swords for collectors. Many of these swords are limited edition pieces, meaning that their perceived value is sure to increase over time and making them very valuable for collectors around the world.

Companies such as Blade City can meet the needs of the modern sword collector. Stocking a wide range of modern blades from a wide range of manufacturers including high-end makers, businesses such as this provide a valuable service.

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