Where Did Hip Hop Jewelry Come From?

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Jewelry


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Check out some of that “iced out” jewelry that the hip hop artists wear. These things are loaded down with “bling” like sparkly diamonds, gold, silver, and platinum and they are some of the most impressive jewelry items on the market today. But where did all that amazing hip hop jewelry come from? Let’s look a little closer and see.

In the Beginning

During the late 1970s change was in the air, especially in the music industry. Many people were in search of something different from all the mainstream music. In fact, rock and roll had become mainstream. Many clubs had DJs, MC’s, and this kind of art let to dance and music that rapped with a steady beat instead of playing melodies and singing. Poetry was a big part as everything rhymed to the beat.

It’s hard to say where the exact origination of hip hop jewelry was but rappers like LL Cool J burst onto the scene in the 80s with their rope chains of gold and rings on all four fingers. Biz Markie added the “iced out” look with all of his sparkly diamonds.

Excess is “In”

As popular rappers became rich and famous, they spent a lot of their newfound wealth on hip hop jewelry. In fact, Ben Baller had chains valued in the six figures, and many of these artists tried to outdo the others.

You Don’t Have to Spend $100,000

The” iced out” look is very popular, and you can find some amazing pieces at reputable online jewelers for just a few hundred dollars. Of course, if you want to impress and have more to spend, you’ll find some stunning jewelry in the ten to fifteen-thousand-dollar price range. The best online jewelers can make you the perfect custom “iced out” jewelry too.

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