3 Things You Might Not Have Known About Gauging Your Ears

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Shopping


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Ear stretching is an ancient process that has gained favor with modern teenagers and young adults in the last few decades. Once performed for ceremonial reasons, it is now as the way of expressing oneself and setting yourself apart from your peers. Interested in the unique look that is gauging your ears offers? Here are a few things you might not have considered, but that you definitely should before you start stretching!

Start Small, and Know What Small Is

It should go without saying that stretching the ears is a gradual process and should begin by choosing very small stretching pieces. These are usually referred to as tapers and can be sold individually or as part of a set.

Equally important is to know how ear gauge sizing works. Not understanding this could lead to waste money when ordering online or injury and discomfort when trying to use your new plugs. Always buy ear gauges or plugs that are the correct size; if you don’t know which size should come next to you, just ask your retailer!

Opt for Simplicity – at Least While You’re Stretching

When you buy ear gauges or plugs, be sure you like what you’re getting; if you are actively stretching, you will be stuck wearing that size for at least a month to six weeks. While something might look cute for Halloween, it may seem pretty out of place, once all the stores and radio stations start playing holiday music in November. Choose wisely by considering the long run when you select a style. While you’re still in the process of gauging, it may be wise to choose basic or neutral colors. Even in this category, there are still many styles available through today’s body jewelry merchants, so don’t worry about being limited – you’re almost guaranteed to find something you love at every size!

Know your Options

While you will have to commit to the look of stretched ears after a certain point in the process, that doesn’t mean you’re limited to simple plugs and tunnels. Today’s body jewelry merchants sell many different and exciting styles, perfect for every wearer and occasion. Don’t limit yourself; try new styles and let your personality shine through in your accessories.

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