Find the Perfect Fixed Blade Knives for All of Your Outdoor Activities

Opting for a fixed blade knife over a folding knife definitely has its advantages and fixed blades can be incredibly sleek and minimal. In many ways, fixed blades may also be considered more sophisticated than folding knives, but when you are purchasing, you should also consider what you plan on using it for.

Fixed Knives Are Excellent Outdoor Tools

Whether you are fishing, hunting, camping, or some related activity, fixed blade knives are commonly used as survival-type tools. They are excellent for hunting, cutting meat, using for first-aid reasons, digging, and prying. For a large selection of knives, visit online

These are simply frequent applications but a fixed blade knife is actually pretty universal. You can essentially use fixed blade knives for anything that you use a folding knife for, but there are advantages.

Fixed Blades Are Stronger

Fixed blades are typically stronger and more secure to the handle than most folding knives. Not only do the blades break less frequently from the handle but there are also no moving or small parts on fixed blade knives, meaning that there is nothing that can break and affect the function of the knife.

Fixed Blades Are Longer

Though some folding blades may be larger than some fixed blades, fixed blades are restricted by the handle and are commonly produced in longer lengths.

This also means that if you are buying a fixed blade with a considerable blade length, you may need to find out about the laws in your area first.

Concealing Your Fixed Blade

Fixed blades should be purchased with some sort of sheath if they don’t come with one already and they are typically more difficult to conceal than folding knives. Regardless, for the safety of you and the people around you, you should have an effective carrying method.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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