When Can You Use Custom Chocolate Coins?

To be clear from the start, we are not talking about customizing the chocolate; here, the meaning of Custom Chocolate Coins is that the design embossed on the chocolate disk that imitates a coin has been personalized to suit the needs and desires of the purchaser. In addition, there might be also customization of the metallic foil that wraps the coins.

What Do We Need Chocolate Coins For?

Whether it is an imitation $1 coin in chocolate or a set of highly individualized Custom Chocolate Coins; you still cannot spend them – all you can do is eat them (and enjoy). It is a rare kid who does not like to eat some chocolate and chocolate coins have become a regular part of the Christmas celebrations either as direct stocking filler gifts or as an edible decoration on the Christmas tree. It is thought that this can be traced back to the, now less popular, gift giving celebration of Saint Nicholas Day every December 6TH.

Around AD317 Nicholas was a real Bishop in what is now Turkey. Many legends grew up concerning his charitable acts; one of which claims that he secretly distributed bags of coins by climbing onto roof tops and dropping the bags down chimneys. It is said that one such bag landed in a girl’s stocking that she had hung up to dry beside the fireplace. Much the same tradition (but with different roots) occurs in Jewish tradition where the chocolate coins are known as “Hanukkah gelt”.


It is true that any kid will be thrilled to find chocolate coins in their Christmas stocking but, imagine how much extra excitement would be generated if these were custom chocolate coins with the child’s name on them –or even a picture of the child. This same concept can be carried further when the chocolate coins are to be used as party favors at children’s birthday parties. The child’s name and age can be shown on the coin and, maybe, the child’s favorite cartoon character.

Only two things limit the degree of customization. To be a chocolate coin, it has to be relatively small in diameter (although big chocolate coins up to around 3 inch in diameter are available); even utilizing both sides, space is restricted for your custom design – whether it is a picture or a special text message. The other restriction could be your own imagination and/or flair for design.

However, the latter restriction need not deter you. The better makers of Custom Chocolate Coins will be more than willing to assist you on design matters.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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