Tips to Select the Right Animal Pipes for Your Tobacco

If you have made the decision that you want to begin smoking a pipe, you are definitely not alone. There are millions of other people, all over the world who enjoy this pastime. However, when you first begin looking for a pipe you may be overwhelmed with all the choices that are available. For example, you will see traditional looking pipes, animal pipes, water pipes and more. Each one has its appeal and there is definitely a pipe out there that is right for you. Some tips that will help you select the best pipe for your needs are highlighted here.

Determine the Pipe Material You Want

There are pipes made of all types of materials. There are a number of pipes made from clay; however, the majority of tobacco pipes are made of corn cob, meerschaum or briar root. You can also fine pipes made of glass and other types of synthetic materials. The majority of corn cob pipes will have a short life span; however, they are typically cheaper than the briar or meerschaum options, which makes them a good option as a starter pipe. If you desire a certain theme, such as animal pipes, you will likely want a material such as meerschaum or briar wood.

Research Pipe Styles

There are pipes that are bent or straight. There is also a number of variations in each of the styles. The bowl may be curved like an apple, or have sides resembling a cone or cylinder. The pipe’s stem may be straight, or even have an extreme bend, much like the pipe of the well-known Sherlock Holmes. You should investigate the different pipes until you find a style that you like.

Consider Pipe Finishes

If you opt for briar animal pipes, you will likely find the majority of options either brown or tan. However, there may also be other finishes that you can choose, such as ebony, green or red. You may also find pipes that are sandblasted or textured.

Consider the Stem Bit of the Pipe

There are two basic styles of pipe stems. The most common is the fishtail, which has a horizontal slit for drawing in smoke. The second, is the p-lip, which features a small hole on the top of the stem bit. This option prevents the “bite” that often goes along with pipe smoking.

When you begin considering the different options of animal pipes that are available for you to purchase, being informed will make this decision much easier. Additionally, when you find a pipe you like aesthetically, it will enhance the enjoyment you receive smoking it as well.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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