Frenilla: A Popular Flavor Choice for Mixing or Enjoying Solo

by | Jan 22, 2015 | Shopping


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The e-cig market is seeking to provide individuals with a variety of flavors to spice up traditional smoking. E-cigs are gaining popularity and the market is producing a little something for everyone. You can expand your e-cig flavor knowledge and enjoy the taste of rich, smooth, luscious vanilla with a pleasant, lingering aftertaste. Take your experience to new heights by experimenting with different flavors to complement or enhance the naturally smooth, sweetness of Frenilla eJuice.

Why Frenilla is Gaining Popularity

Frenilla was developed specifically to fill a gap in the market – while Vanilla Custard continues to trend as one of the most popular flavor profiles in the eCig workd – there was a distinct absence of a true “French Vanilla” without the distinctive custard notes. Consumers demanded an rich French Vanilla Ejuice made by Nicoticket that captures the nostalgic feeling of eating high-quality vanilla ice cream, without the custard notes. The flavor is both unique and authentic – it’s evident from the first vape that this is quality eJuice. In addition to its great standalone taste, it also mixes well with a number of other eJuice flavors – bakery style vapes and tobaccos in particular.

French vanilla eJuice comes with a pleasantly strong and uniquely smooth taste – attractive to both new vapers and to seasoned veterans of the vape game. There are a large number of vanilla eJuice flavors available on the market, but there is a wide variance in quality in consistency. Many are overly sweet, most are “artificial” tasting. What’s special about Frenilla from Nicoticket is the inclusion of an in-house extracted vanilla, derived from organic Madagascar Vanilla Beans. This is a truly unique culinary effort, the kind of experience you would expect if you strolled into a 5-star restraurant.

Historically this eLiquid flavor is not available at all times of the year, but due to recent increases in production capacity, Nicoticket is now available to offer this flavor all year long. This is reassuring because finding an eLiquid you absolutely love, and then having it disappear, isn’t exactly what most people are looking for.

With regard to steeping, Frenilla is pre-steeped – many find it suitable for vaping as soon as it arrives in the mailbox. That said, the best is yet to come – time and patience continue enhance the flavor and bring out a creamier texture. As far as steep time, Nicoticket recommends a minimum of 8 weeks from the mix date on the bottle (which can be found by identifying the first 6 digits of the batch/lot number, OR, by taking the expiration date and subtracting one year).

If you are looking for an eLiquid that promises a nostalgic vanilla flavor we recommend you try Frenilla from Nicoticket. This eLiquid flavor is unique, captivating and rich. We’ve tried no small number of vanilla eLiquids – Frenilla is the absolute best vanilla eLiquid we have tried to date. As compared to other vanilla flavors we have tested, Frenilla adds a natural uncompromising taste that could only come from naturally extracted vanilla. Perfectly balanced, and subtly sweet – you will savor after a smooth draw. We’ll never have any less than 120ml in our steep closet – I can’t wait for my next star-crossed encounter with Frenilla.

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