What is E-Liquid for Electronic Cigarettes?

by | Apr 30, 2013 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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Smoking on electronic cigarettes is an option for people who want to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and who want to be able to smoke wherever they want, including in places that have banned cigarette use. In order for an e-cigarette to work, e-liquid is needed. This is the nicotine flavored liquid that is placed in the electronic cigarette refill cartridges. When in use, the liquid is heated and vaporized for the user to inhale. Other flavors are also available for those who want to get away from the nicotine taste. By purchasing electronic cigarette refill cartridges, users will receive a prefilled bottled.

E-Liquid is Diluted with Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol

Having electronic cigarette refill cartridges filled with purely nicotine would be too thick and dangerous for consumers to inhale. In order to make it more breathable, the e-liquid is diluted with vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. This also makes the liquid evaporate at low temperatures. Users aren’t able to taste the additive and there is a neutral taste. Some companies use only PG or VG, while others use a combination of the two. VG is thicker, so it creates thicker clouds of vapor. PG is thinner and doesn’t produce the dry puffs.

Safety of E-Liquid

Some people switch over to electronic cigarettes because they believe that it is safer than smoking actual tobacco cigarettes. However, these claims have yet to be proven. There were some e-liquids that were found to have diacetyl in it – this is supposed to be safe for consumption in small dosages; when inhaled in large doses, it can cause irreversible lung damage. This ingredient is also used in microwave popcorn – it’s what gives it the buttery taste. Then there are some e-liquids that contain tobacco, known as tobacco absolute. It’s unknown whether this makes the e-cigarette more dangerous to use.

European vs. American vs. Chinese E-Liquids

Every country is making e-cigarettes and e-liquids, but which of them should you buy from? A lot of the companies out there today that sell electronic cigarettes get their e-liquid from China. There are only two companies that use e-liquid made in America – Volcano and Blu Cigs. If the product doesn’t say made in U.S. or Europe, then it’s likely from China. For some people this is alright. There are some companies on the market that create their own e-liquids for e-cigarettes.



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