What are the differences in sauna types?

by | Sep 26, 2013 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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Basically, all saunas are the same; the difference between saunas is the source of heat. A traditional sauna uses some heat source, such as electric bar heaters, which in turn heat lava rocks. To increase the heat momentarily, water is drizzled over the hot rocks and a blast of steam follows. A FAR infrared sauna does not employ this method, it uses infrared heaters. Infrared heat is the same that comes from the sun, you know it’s there because you can feel it, but it is invisible to the eye.

In a traditional sauna, the heat that is generated heats the body indirectly, it also heats the entire chamber, in the case of a FAR infrared sauna, the energy is absorbed by the body, this heat source is said to be more beneficial. The chamber temperature of a sauna that uses IR is considerably lower than that of a traditional sauna as the rays only penetrate the body and do not heat the chamber. People who cannot tolerate high temperatures find an IR sauna much more comfortable and to their liking.

The sauna rooms are almost the same regardless of the heat source, they are both made from traditional materials such as cedar and hemlock and they both use heat to stimulate perspiration and they both are said to promote good health. It is the heat source that differentiates one from the other. IR saunas use heaters which emit infrared waves, the waves are far-IR; these are the waves at the far end of the spectrum, close to where microwaves are found. It is thought that a FAR infrared sauna offers the greatest health benefits, however there are those that employ near and medium infrared heaters which are not as effective.

A traditional sauna affects the body because of the extreme heat and steam, the body does not absorb this heat, or at least very little. The benefit is derived due to the sweating. An IR sauna is different; the energy is absorbed by the body, some aficionados believe that it is this deep penetration that not only gives the benefit derived from sweating, but it promotes the repair of damaged tissue. Whether it does or not has yet to be proven but what is sure, it is safe, unlike UV which is the rays from the sun that burn the skin.

FAR infrared sauna provides a safe and soothing heat, no different than that from the sun itself but without the damaging UV rays. Evolution Health has a wide range of IR saunas, different sizes to suit from one to four persons.

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