Understanding The Technical Side Of The DLC Wall Pack

There are many different ways to use a DLC wall pack. These streamlined, durable and very popular lighting options can be found in commercial buildings, parking garages, factories, loading docks, hotels, and resorts as well as on residential properties.

The company makes a range of different types of models of wall packs. These vary not only in shapes as well as lumens but also in the design and the distribution of light. The full-cutoff wall-mounted lights are designed to shine the light downward. These DLC wall pack options will have no up-light at all, which is important to prevent issues with light pollution.

The semi-cutoff and non-cutoff lighting are more of an open lighting style. This allows for the light to shine out as well as down. In addition, the semi and non-cutoff types of wall packs can have some up-light. However, the brightest area of illumination from the wall pack will be down and out.

Choosing the Light Intensity and Color

Once the direction of the light is selected by choosing the non, semi or full cutoff options, the light intensity, and color of the lamp can then be selected. The LED light is measured in lumens, which is equal to the brightness of the light. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light.

The light color temperature can range from cool white to neutral light. The cool white light has a higher rating on the Kelvin scale than the neutral light, with a slightly white, blue look to the light. The neutral white, which is about 4000K on the scale, is the clear light without hints of blue or the warm red hues.

Either cool white or neutral white is a good option for any DLC wall pack. If the light is directly over an entrance, signs, logos or other features, the neutral light will provide a more natural color look to these elements.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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