Protective Jumpsuits for Workplace Safety and Productivity

by | Aug 23, 2017 | Clothing


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Work jumpsuits seem to be simple, but many people do not know much about them. They must match the specific needs of a particular job, keep the wearer protected and still allow people to work relatively comfortably.

Brand Names

Two manufacturers can produce what appears to be the same suit, but that does not mean they are identical. Even a slight variation in the type of stitching used can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of the material to protect against contaminants. Always check the note for the material to ensure it has the permeability rate, safety level and breakthrough time high enough to protect your skin. Biological risk suits, for example, will have a much higher score than disposable suits.

Check the Seams

At first glance, the seams may look the same, but the way the work jumpsuits are assembled can also make a big difference on the protection level of the work jumpsuits. In lower tier safety garments, seams are usually simply sewn with an industrial sewing machine. This creates solid seams, but it also leaves small holes that can cause germs, chemicals and other contaminants to get inside the clothing. The highest quality garments such as biological risk suits have the seams sealed. These are cemented or glued with a special ribbon that is heated to “melt” the two pieces together to ensure that there are no holes left behind.

Buy a Size Larger

Many people often buy jumpsuits of biological hazards and other jumpsuits identical to those they usually wear. Although this sounds like a good idea in theory, you must consider that you are wearing clothes underneath. Always buy one to two sizes larger than the ones you normally use. This will give you enough space for your clothes and allow for normal movement. If you buy a too small outfit, you put extra pressure on the seams. This can make them tear and will also restrict your movement.

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