Choices In A Dusk To Dawn Security Light

Dark outdoor spaces can be safety risks for many different reasons. One risk is the inability to see if there are any obstacles, obstructions or dangerous things in the area that may pose tripping or slipping hazard. The second safety risk is personal safety as dark spaces are more likely to be target areas for criminals.

Keeping an area safe is more than just installing lighting, but having the right type of lighting provides one of the important elements of safety at home or in any type of commercial or public space. Installing a dusk to dawn security light can provide easy visibility of the space, reducing the risk of any problems in the area.

What to Consider

There are different styles and types of dusk to dawn security light models. Some are designed to mount to walls while others may come with the option to mount directly to a wall or to use a mounting arm. This arm allows the light to angle over an area, giving a wider beam and offering additional configuration options for installation.

It is important to consider the range of the beam from the light. This will allow for proper calculation of how many lights will be needed for the coverage required. The wider the beam produced by a dusk to dawn security light the fewer overall lights will be required for a given area.
For residential use, there are typically one or two lights required. These are often positioned to allow for full visibility of the backyard areas of the home as well as around the garage.

The Advantages

The big advantage with a dusk to dawn light is the use of a built-in sensor that detects when the ambient light drops below or goes above a specific level. This allows the light to go on and off on its own.

With this feature, homeowners or businesses don’t have to turn the lights on and off at a switch. Additionally, it means never having to come home to a dark home and garage, which adds a sense of security and safety for everyone.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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