Triathlon Nutrition Supplements: What You Need on Race Day

by | Jul 25, 2014 | Shopping


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You’ve eaten your carb-heavy meal the night before the race. Over the past few months, you’ve probably also eaten extra-healthy food, taken vitamins and perhaps even consulted your doctor or a nutritionist about how to take care of your body during your triathlon training. Those are all really good steps to take, but on top of all that, you need to consider what types of nutrition supplements you’ll need on race day.

Training for your race by performing all three sections in a row will give you some idea of how you’ll feel during the race. Your friends or fellow triathletes can also fill you in on what it’s going to be like to actually compete. Additionally, experts in triathlons will provide guidance about what you’ll need to stay hydrated, nourished and feeling good.

In case you’re lacking in help and advice, here are some things you’re probably going to need on race day.

Electrolytes for Replenishing

When you’re exercising for hours on end, your body’s stores of potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium are quickly used up. When you’re low, you might start feeling really tired or you may get cramps in your muscles, which can really slow you down. That’s why serious athletes keep a stock of electrolytes on hand during a race. Sports drinks are one way to go, but those can contain added sugar and chemicals. Another option is to use electrolyte tablets, which are small capsules that can be easy to swallow and easy to keep in your pocket during the race.

Energy Bars for a Boost

Keeping your body’s electrolytes in balance will often provide you the energy you need, but because triathlons are so demanding, they may not quite be enough to keep your energy levels up. Your body may need an extra dose or two of carbohydrates to help you stay strong and keep your energy levels up. Triathletes’ nutrition supplements often include energy gels, chews or bars. These products can be stashed in a small pocket and accessed quickly and easily when you need them.

To make sure your body is going to respond well to those supplements on race day, try using them during your hard training days ahead of the race. That way you’ll be able to experiment and determine which products work best for you.

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