Decorating The Nursery: Nursery Art

Before baby comes home, parents often spend hours planning hot to decorate the nursery. They look at color schemes, themes and furniture. They even scour sites online to find the right type of nursery art. Finding the right match, walking the fine line between kitsch and cute, can be a serious challenge.

What is Nursery Art?

Nursery art can refer specifically to the actually work hung on the wall. Usually, however, it refers to the overall design, color and pattern used to decorate the walls and even the ceiling of the nursery. In other words, a mural painted on the walls is as much nursery art as is a painting.

What to Consider

There several factors to consider when finding the right nursery art for your baby. Some are related to safety; others are concerned with baby’s sensibilities. When looking at nursery art, you might want to consider the following:

* Color: Children of all ages are attracted to bright colors. They love to see the interplay of pastels. Some, while bright, are not garish. They can be quite soothing to the yes and, by extension, the emotions of both parents and baby.

* Gender: Some parents prefer to make sure the entire world knows the gender of their child in every way possible. This includes the art used in the nursery.

* Themes: Some parents find a theme is the best way to express the right character of the room. Animals are a common theme. Children are generally attracted to animals. These can be real, imaginary or mythological beings. Make sure it is something you, as a parent, can connect with. It should also be comforting to you and your child.

* Materials:
While the days of worrying about lead paint are long gone, it is always best to use eco-friendly materials when decorating the baby nursery. It serves several purposes. Children are kept safe. You are helping the environment. Your child gets a very early start on learning how to protect the environment through discovering the principles of sustainability, recycling and repurposing.

* Inspiration: Nursery art can be inspirational to your child. It is a way of stimulating the baby’s imagination. It can also make them curious about animals, the outdoors and life outside of the nursery.

* Durability/Longevity: A baby grows into a child. He or she may remain in the nursery for some time. Try to choose nursery art that will grow with them.
Planning for a baby can be complicated. There are so many things to consider. This is certainly true when it comes to nursery art. Take time to make the right decision. Choose wisely and the nursery will continue to be a joyous place while the baby is growing.

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