Plan the Caribbean Cruise Wedding of a Lifetime

by | Jul 23, 2014 | Shopping


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With some careful planning, you can enjoy a cruise, port in a tropical location and enjoy the wedding of a lifetime. Caribbean cruise weddings are a great way to enjoy the beginning and end of tropical nuptials. Embark on a journey that will take you to tropical paradise where you will be wed, and enjoy your honeymoon on a cruise ship as you tour other islands on your way back home. There are several cruise lines in which to choose when planning a cruise wedding too. When you get ready to start planning a cruise wedding, just be sure to find cruise lines that work with your particular wedding planners so all of the details are met according to plan.

Tropical Locations for Cruise Weddings
* Jamaica
* Belize,
* St Lucia
* St. Maarten
* St Kitts & Nevis
* Barbados
* Antigua
* Aruba
* Puerto Rico
* Dominica

Cruise Weddings Happen While in Port

Some of the most beautiful cruise weddings happen while a cruise ship is in port. You simply arrive at the tropical destination planned per the cruise, and get ready to be wedded in tropical paradise. You can easily plan this type of wedding ahead of time with the assistance of wedding planners. In order for your marriage to be legal it is important to make sure you have the help of an expert wedding planner that knows exactly what needs to happen. This includes a visit to the local Marriage License office. Some places do not require this type of visit, however.

Tropical Weddings in Port from Start to Finish

A tropical wedding in port does not have to be a whirlwind affair. With close communication with your wedding planner, every detail will be explained to ensure all of the décor is correct and exactly what you want. You simply make sure your guests are ready when you are, and prepare to be taken to the wedding site to begin the ceremony. Before you know it, the music you pick will be filtering through the tropical breeze, beckoning you to walk down the path to your loved one to tie the knot. Your Caribbean wedding will be exactly what you make of it, whether it is simple and sweet, or exclusive with all of the amenities available. You can plan the wedding of your dreams that includes a fun and romantic cruise for everyone involved.

Dreamy Weddings offers beautiful wedding packages for Caribbean Cruise Weddings. Leave your wedding plans in the hands of these wedding experts that know how to make your nuptials special.

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