Tips to keep in mind when choosing quilt batting

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Shopping


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If you are a new, beginning quilter it helps to understand how to choose the best supplies for your quilting projects. One of the most important selections you will make is the quilt batting Canada quilting stores can provide. This batting is made to fill the inner area between both sides of your quilt. Once the batting has been placed inside, the two pieces of fabric can then be sewn together to finish your quilt. Below are some basic tips and advice for selecting the very best quilt batting Canada shops provide.

Selecting the fiber content

When it comes to selecting the quilt batting for your quilting project, you can choose according to the fiber content in order to select the right options for your needs. Typically you can most often find polyester or cotton batting as your main options. However alternative choices include wool batting, bamboo batting, silk batting, or a cotton and polyester blend. The fiber content of your batting is especially important when making quilts for babies and young children. This is when you can choose organic fillings or those that are made from recycled fibers.

The size of the batting

When it comes to batting, you will also want to choose the size of the quilt batting Canada stores offer that you will need for your project. Batting comes in a variety of different sizes including for twin, full, queen, and king sized quilts. You can also choose to purchase it off of the bolt in a size that is custom to your needs. For experienced quilters who will need lots of batting, it makes sense to purchase the bolts in a large quantity to ensure that you always have enough on hand. In addition, it is always helpful to save any scraps that are left over as this can be stitched together to make an entirely new piece of batting.

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