Preventive Measures While Using Airsoft Guns

by | Mar 21, 2017 | Shopping


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Whether you have been using Airsoft guns for a long time or have just bought your first gun, it always pays to take certain precautions during the use, handling, maintenance, and storage of the these guns.


  • When you are using the guns in a wargame, ensure your safety catch is engaged until the last minute, before you need to fire your gun.
  • Wear your protective mask or goggles during play to protect your eyes from accidental ricocheting pellets.
  • Cover all skin with protective guards wherever possible and wear a protective jacket.
  • Familiarize yourself with relevant local, state and Federal laws when handling and using these guns.


  • Never look down the barrel of your gun, as an accidental pellet can do grievous harm to your eye, probably resulting in loss of your eyesight.
  • Always point your gun towards the ground when not using it in your game.
  • Treat your Airsoft guns with care and ensure that the safety catch is always on, as if the gun was loaded.
  • Supervise your children under 18 while they are handling the guns.


Ensure that the safety catch is on, the pellet magazine is empty, and the gun is unloaded, before you begin routine maintenance.

Storage and Transport

Always carry the gun in its case as this is the safest way to store or transport the gun.

Your Supplier

At Airsoft GI you will be able to purchase your own Airsoft guns that you can use in your wargames. You can also look to them for all of your safety equipment, pellets, accessories and other gear. It pays to be safe when you are around these guns because they have the potential to cause you, and others around you, a lot of harm.

They have retail stores in California, Virginia, and Texas. You can also view their wide selection of products by visiting their website as they ship almost anywhere. You are welcome to contact them by phone on (909) 869-0671 in California, (804) 447-3334 in Virginia, (469) 362-8779 in Texas.

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