4 Ways to Shop for the Right Firefighter Light Bar

A good firefighter light bar is important on the road. It’s even more so if you’re a volunteer firefighter and you’re responding to an emergency call. With police targeting firefighters for using illegal lights, says Pittsburgh’s Action News, there’s a need to make sure your lights are compliant with the blue-light laws.

Here’s how to make sure you won’t get into trouble with your emergency lights:

Check the law

If you’re using your personal vehicle for emergency calls, then make sure you look up what the law says about those emergency lights. That way, you won’t put yourself or other drivers on the road at risk.

Replace your lights

If your lights aren’t cutting it, don’t wait around until you get caught and police issue you a written warning. Shop for replacement lights right away. Just be sure the new package is compliant state rules and regulations so you won’t have to worry about breaking any laws or paying for any fines or charges.

Shop right

You’re responding to calls. It’s only right that you equip your car with a quality firefighter light bar. The first rule to making sure that happens is to go for value. Never compromise on your lights, just to save on a few dollars. Cheap or substandard light bars won’t be able to hold up to the pressure so you will end up shelling out more money for another replacement much too soon. Shop right from the get-go by investing in quality lights.

Go to a reliable supplier

Don’t go for the first supplier that comes along. Do your research so you’d know if it’s a supplier you can trust or not. Read online reviews, ask for referrals and check out the company’s services. These should help you find a reliable and credible supplier to get the kind and quality of emergency lights you need.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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