Recumbent Trikes Offer Several Health Benefits to Riders

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Shopping


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Even though we do our best to hide the evidence of getting older, it is a natural part of life. With age the human body undergoes a litany of changes including weaker joints, slower metabolisms, and just an overall sense of inability to cope during or after overly physical activities. Unfortunately, the best way to counteract the physical effects of aging is to keep the body active. This may seem impossible since physical activity can take such a toll on your body, however there are many ways to keep in shape without putting your body through the ringer so to speak. Recumbent Tricycles or Trikes are a great way to keep fit at any age and provides several health benefits to its riders.

Recumbent Trikes Offer Low Impact Workouts for People of All Ages

The biggest benefit to riding a trike is that it is a low impact exercise, one of the first things people notice after riding is that they feel no pain. This is because trikes offer low impact total body workouts, the design of a recumbent trike provides a balanced distribution of your body weight while you ride. It is because of this fact that no single point of your body is overly worked or stressed during physical activity. This differs greatly from traditional bicycles where your back, wrists, or bottom may become sore shortly after you begin riding. On a trike, your back is straight, and your core is flattened meaning your lungs are better able to expand and contract with your breath.

Remain Physically Active with Less Worry About Injuries

In a nutshell, trikes are a great way for people with a variety of medical conditions to remain active and get the most out of their exercise routine without needing to worry about an injury. The three-wheel design, and overall development of a trike’s build is all about balance. So, you can worry less about what might happen if overcorrect as you’re only actually moving your feet while still managing to work the main muscle groups of the body. If you are interested in locating trikes for sale in Cape Coral area, contact the experts at Fort Myers Cyclery for help. They can lead you to the perfect trike for you and have you on your way to healthier living today.

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