Dressing for the summer: dressing tips for the ladies

Summer can be a particularly tricky time to find the right dresses and styles. Finding the best women’s clothing boutique in Oklahoma is just the first step. In summer, it is fashionable and acceptable to reveal more of one’s body than during the other colder periods of the year. On the one hand, it gives more freedom, but on the other it is harder to create different styles every single day. It is impossible to create a new style every day. This does not, however, mean that striking the perfect balance is impossible. Here are some useful summer dressing tips.


The devil is in the details, and this could not be any truer than it is for summer dressing. If you are wearing just the one layer, then make it as interesting as you possibly can. For instance, if you have a single layer top, then you can make things interesting by pairing it with a nice bottom for the polished and cool look.

Thin layers

Those that prefer covering up rather than exposing everything will appreciate this. Summer is hot, but this does not always mean short sleeves. Instead, go for thin layers, especially if you have sensitive skin. Wear these with something underneath if they are see-through. These can effectively be combined with shorts or a long skirt for those that like to cover up their legs as well.


A good dress game is invaluable during the summer. Make sure to invest in a few good dresses as the sunny period approaches. Must haves include a summer beach dress, which is normally shorter than other dresses and is easy to wash, handle and does not wrinkle easily. The summer day dress is another must have, which is ideal for those daytime get together events. It could be a nice wrap dress or a casual shift dress. The stylish, conservative work dress might also fit into this category. Finally, it is important to have an evening dress. These are the more special dresses than the typical day or work dresses. Silk appears to be the most popular evening dress option for many.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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