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Stability, high durability, beautiful color which will outlast your property,

Ipe has earned its excellent reputation for being one of the sole hardwood decking products which is going to last as long as you own your home. It has over a 40 year lifespan, and the Brazilian tropical hardwood is going to add value as well as lifetime of beauty and use to any porch, deck, interior flooring, or siding project, which is the reason why our Ipe wood supplier company sells this high-quality decking material.

Remarkable hardness and density

In addition, Ipe is well-known as “Ironwood” because of its amazing density and hardness. Ipe also is extremely stable. Wood will move as moisture is absorbed and then dropped from the ambient atmosphere. It doesn’t move the same in all directions either and it’s this difference which is going to cause a board to twist and warp.

But with Ipe, the ratio in between those movements (tangential versus radial) is nearly identical, which means the board actually almost moves the same amount within all directions. The tangential vs radial ratio makes Ipe highly dimensionally stable and thereby a leading performer in decking and additional outdoor situations in which climate isn’t controlled. Irrespective of this near-even movement, consideration ought to be provided to gap size in between boards while installing Ipe as decking.

Ipe Color Variation

Ipe will fade to a silvery gray in the sun if untreated. Ipe’s color is mainly a deep reddish-brown, even though variation is probable as with all woods. Ipe’s massive geographic range particularly has the ability to create variance in appearance and color based on local soil and climate chemistry and even when and how it’s cut. Obviously it’s where some bit of quality control is needed.

Quality control of Ipe is highly important to our Ipe wood supplier company. Ipe wood will be prized for its rich, lustrous brown color yet as with all wood it’ll fade in the sun to an appealing silvery gray patina if not treated. You may retain the radiant texture and brown shade by occasionally treating the wood using a suitable timber oil, or by sometimes using a deck brightener and deck cleaner.

Ipe is more typically used for bridge building projects, decks, marinas, boardwalks, outdoor furniture, and additional exterior applications. If the boards get kiln dried, Ipe also can make for an appealing inside flooring choice. Due to Ipe’s remarkable durability, it usually is selected for extremely high traffic areas, in which it has the ability to last for many years.

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