Create a Winter Wonderland Whenever You Want One

by | Feb 19, 2016 | Shopping


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How many times have you wished for a white Christmas? Do you live somewhere warm that never gets to experience the beauty of an enchanting snowfall? Maybe you’d just like to curl up by the fireplace with hot cocoa in the middle of summer, just to remind yourself how cozy winter can be. It’s times like these when you wish you had some fake snow powder that would magically make it wintertime, anytime. Well, the great news is that now you can do just that with SnoWonder, the instant snow that brings winter to you when you want it most.

It’s No Wonder SnoWonder is So Much Fun

Snow can be a blast. A snow machine and SnoWonder instant snow is almost like the real thing. You can create everything from a light dusting, to a full-blown winter snowstorm, anytime you want it. Imagine standing in wonder as snow falls down around you in the middle of summer — it’s all possible with the magic fake snow powder and a snow machine. Imagine waking up Christmas and opening your presents in a winter wonderland. Need a wintery look for photos or a snow-themed party? This is your solution.

Control Your Own Weather Forecast

SnoWonder fake snow powder lets you decide how much snow you want for optimal ground coverage. Because you can order fake snow powder in a variety of size options, you can make as much or as little snow as you want, whenever you want it. With SnoWonder, anytime is snow time, and winter is only a bag of snow powder away.

Is It Really Snowing Outside?

While SnoWonder’s fake snow powder is designed for indoor use, it can also be used outdoors. It may not last as long, depending on the amount of exposure to sunlight. Still, SnoWonder’s fake snow is almost like the real thing. SnoWonder is safe, easy to clean up, and can be used to create a snowy environment anywhere. You can even make SnoWonder as cold as you like, by changing the temperature of the water you use to make it. With SnoWonder, you can create your own personal winter wonderland any time of the year.

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