Different Options In E Cigarette Charger Devices

As with virtually all elements and components used in vaping, there is a wide range of e cigarette charger devices and systems on the market today. We provide chargers for all of the e-cigarettes we sell, and we ensure that we only sell brand name, top quality chargers that will last for years.

In most cases, each company manufacturing e cigarettes will also market a unique charger for their products. Often these chargers will work with other similar styles of batteries used in different brands. However, this isn’t always the case. Checking compatibility between these chargers and your e cigarette is a simple way to make sure you get the charger you need.

USB Chargers

USB chargers come in a variety of different styles and designs, and they can be interchangeable with different electronic cigarette options. The ability to switch out for different options is a matter of the type of charger the battery requires.

The micro USB connector will work on any battery with this charging ability. The micro USB is standard, which makes this an easy battery to charge provided you have a USB power source. This can include a USB connection in a vehicle, a computer or any other type of device.

Different brands, including Aspire and Kanger, also make their own e cigarette chargers. These are USB powered, but have a connector that allows you to screw the battery into the charger. These are very low-cost items and can be easily stored in a desk, purse, briefcase or just about anywhere.

Universal Chargers

For our customers with different mods and different charging needs, we recommend Digichargers. These can hold two or four batteries, and they work with almost all types of batteries used in basic and advanced electronic cigarettes.

With this type of e cigarette charger all you do is place the batteries in the slots and the system automatically detects the battery type. This includes the NiMH, NiCD and Li-ion batteries.

The charger will then optimally charge the battery based on the type detected. Each battery slot is independent, so it is possible to charge different batteries at the same time. The system monitors the charge on each battery, provides a digital readout of the process and then automatically shuts off power to that slot when the battery is fully charged, preventing overcharging issues and maintaining top battery life.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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