How to Design Adorable Kids’ Rooms that is Timeless

When you are expecting your first child you want to create a bedroom that will be cozy, safe and adorable. However it is easy to create a room that is too adorable and will be in dire need of a redo by the time your child hits kindergarten. There are some tricks you can use to create adorable rooms that work well while they are babies and toddlers but then can be adapted to their needs as they age. Here are some tips to help you design a baby’s room that will be timeless:

Design Details and Themes

It is hard to resist creating a themed room or adding design details that a little girl or boy would love. Just keep in mind your child might become a toddler who hates dinosaurs and prefers bunnies or wants dinosaurs and hates bunnies. If you really want to add a theme to your baby’s room the best thing to do is to use accessories instead of adding something more permanent such as wallpaper. You can hang artwork, buy a bedding set with the theme of your choice, add curtains and even removable wall decals to create the design scheme you want. You can then easily switch things up when your child becomes old enough to express their own interests. As well you might be tempted to go a little crazy with bright colours on the walls. Again, going neutral might be best and then you can create an accent wall using the colour you want. This will be easier to paint when the time comes.


Furniture designers are getting savvier with ways to create furniture that is not so baby specific. Look for change tables that are more sophisticated so they can be used as a dresser once you baby is out of diapers. There are also many solid wood cribs Ottawa parents are opting for as they allow the crib to transition into a bed. Often it is not just a toddler’s bed but a twin or even double bed. Look for furniture that can be used regardless of the child’s age so you will not have to redo their room completely at great expense.

With a little planning you can create a stunning bedroom that will offer a quiet, cozy setting for feeding and snuggling when your newborn arrives but that can transition with them throughout the different stages of their life. With transitional cribs Ottawa parents love, removable decals and easy to switch up accessories planning a timeless baby’s room is easy.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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