How Caribbean Destination Weddings can resolve Family Conflicts

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Shopping


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When you are planning a wedding at home you can be faced with many possible family conflicts that will be hard to resolve. From religious disputes to what venue to choose and guest lists to how to dress, Caribbean destination weddings can help settle many family conflicts when planning your wedding.

Wedding Ceremony Venue
Even couples of the same faith can run into challenges when it comes to choosing a spot for their wedding ceremony. Both families may have expectations that the wedding will take place at their own place of worship. This can be very difficult and can even lead to permanent disputes that put a rift in the in-law relationship for years to come. With Caribbean destination weddings you can avoid all of these issues as clearly the wedding cannot take place at either families’ place of preference.

With a blended wedding there may also be disputes or hurt feelings over which religion is the most prominent during the ceremony. Caribbean destination weddings usually take place on the beach which means they are a little more casual and less religious in nature. By planning a beach wedding it will be the perfect excuse to avoid conflict over religious traditions allowing you to come up with the perfect blend between faiths.

Many in-laws have their mind set on how they wish to dress for a wedding which can sometimes clash with the bride’s plans and colour scheme. A beach wedding dictates a certain unspoken dress code that will make it easier to have you get your in-laws into the spirit of things. You can offer them a number of choices that will make them feel more comfortable in going along with what you have planned instead of being warm and uncomfortable on the beach or sticking out from the rest of the guests.

Reception venues and traditions can also play a role in causing conflict for the lucky young couple. Caribbean destination weddings come with a ready made plan for both the ceremony and reception. You will be able to avoid disappointing people who have their heart set on a special venue they had in mind since you will be far from home and having the wedding at a lovely hotel or beach spot. It makes it easier to disappoint in that it is less of a snub to both families since there will not be one side that is getting what they want. Both will have no choice then to go along. As well it can help cut down on guest list issues.

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