The Benefits of Using Silk Flowers at Your Wedding

by | Jun 6, 2014 | Shopping


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For a large number of weddings, the flowers are a main focal point of the décor. There are some couples that will automatically assume that to achieve elegance and beauty, they must select fresh flowers. However, a Silk Flower Bouquet can provide a beautiful and cost effective option for your wedding. While the silk flowers of the past earned the reputation of appearing cheap and tacky, modern selections actually appear extremely realistic and elegant. Some other benefits of silk flowers are highlighted here.


One of the most appealing advantages of silk flowers is that they are typically much less expensive than traditional, fresh options. There are a number of options to choose from and you can get the flowers you want for your wedding bouquet even if they are not in season. There are many companies that also offer the option for you to rent silk flowers, which provide you with an even more affordable option.

Eco-Friendly Option

If you choose to rent a silk bouquet for your wedding, this is a great, and environmentally friendly, option. Once your wedding is over, the flowers are returned to the provider and the arrangements are able to be reused for other people’s events. This is an ideal option if you want to create a smaller amount of waste. With the popularity of silk flowers increasing, there are also more and more vendors providing a rental program.

Long Lasting and Durable

Unlike the fresh flower alternatives, silk flowers are much more sturdy and durable. They will not wilt or fall apart, no matter how long you have to store them before your wedding day. Additionally, you do not have to worry about the weather effecting your flowers, or providing maintenance the day of your wedding. Fresh flowers will only last for a few days after your wedding, whereas a silk bouquet can be a life-long memento you can keep.

Advance Preparation

When you use silk flowers for your wedding, you will have the ability to order them several weeks before the big event. When you use fresh flowers, they must be used in the arrangement much closer to the wedding day.

As you can see, silk flower wedding bouquets at offer a number of advantages for your wedding. You can save money and have a priceless memento you can hold on to even years after your wedding.

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