Growth and popularity of fashion jewellery

by | Nov 3, 2011 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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In the olden times, jewellery was worn as a symbol of social status. However, times have changed and people now experiment more with the type of jewellery that they wear. Fashion jewellery is one off-shoot that has occupied a leading position in modern jewellery. In the earlier times, jewellery usually consisted of gemstones and other precious metals like diamonds, gold and platinum. There has been now a drastic change in the fashion sense of people and now many people go for fashion jewellery instead of regular jewellery pieces.

With fashion jewellery coming into prominence, the use of semi precious stones apart from other materials has increased tremendously. What we call fashion jewellery is nothing but modern, intricate designs being incorporated into the traditional and existing patterns of jewellery to create innovative and spectacular designs. Fashion jewellery uses different kinds of materials like plastic, leather, wood and jute to create the stunning pieces.

There are many reasons which have contributed to the worldwide popularity of fashion jewellery. Fashion jewellery is also known as cosmetic jewellery. Compared to traditional jewellery, this form of jewellery is less expensive as it is made from semi-precious materials and stones and other cheap materials like shells, jute, plastic and so on. Another reason that can be attributed to the growing popularity of this new form of jewellery is that it comes in trendy and stylish designs. This jewellery can be worn with any kind of outfit like wedding dresses, evening gowns, party dresses and formal outfits. It can also be worn with regular clothes as they are not made from precious and delicate materials but with those that can withstand extensive use.

Fashion Jewellery

Fashion Jewellery

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