Getting Inspiration From Celebrity Wedding Linens

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Shopping


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If you are planning and decorating for your own wedding or helping a friend, finding new ideas for the reception can seem a bit overwhelming. You may find that you are stuck in the rut of thinking back on all the wedding receptions you have been to in the past and trying to choose something that you like from those options.

While you may find just what you like using that method, there are other options to keep in mind as well. The internet can be a great source in finding out what is new, hot and trendy in weddings, right down to ideas for imitating celebrity wedding linens for your own wedding.

You will be surprised at how easy it can be to recreate the look that celebrities pay wedding planners and designer thousands of dollars to create. With the right wedding linen store and a good idea of what you want you can typically recreate any look and still stay well within your budget.

Dramatic Colors

One very common design element in celebrity wedding linens is the use of dramatic colors throughout the reception design. This can include a white or off-white tablecloth and chair cover and then a bold, jeweled or deep colored napkin, table runner, and chair sash.

This is a beautiful look in either a small or large space. Depending on the theme and colors in your wedding party you can choose the same dramatic accent colors for each place setting or alternate between two or more colors.

Also, don’t be afraid to consider a distinctly patterned tablecloth for your focal point, and then choose a solid-colored chair cover and napkin. This is very striking for a small wedding and can really brighten up a reception area for a day or evening reception.

Unique Fabrics

Specialty stores offering the latest styles found in celebrity wedding linens will also include unique fabrics. These can include petals in taffeta on the tablecloth, which will add movement and elegance to any table area.

Flocking with velvet adds a unique look as well as a textural element. These can be very dramatic with solid colored napkins and chair covers, particularly for a black and white or a red and black wedding them.

Glitz and sequined tablecloths are also a celebrity favorite and are a glamorous way to highlight the wedding cake display, the gift table and, of course, the head table as well.

Spend some time looking online and then look for wedding linen shops online offer just the linen you want. Top companies will have what is in style, and you will be amazed at the prices you can find.

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