Enhance Your Poster Displays with a Larger-than-life Poster Marquee

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Shopping


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Poster marquees are the perfect way to advertise upcoming films, giving your cinema or home theater a classy, modern, and sophisticated appeal. These products are perfect for spacious interiors, and they radically enhance poster displays and cinematic experiences. So, purchase a marquee and distinguish your next film screening from the rest.

General Features of Poster Marquees

A poster marquee can enhance your movie posters beyond the confines of their two-dimensional existence, giving them a newfound sense of life and vibrancy. Some poster marquees are equipped with flashing or static lights, both of which enhance your cinematic experience. With fluorescent or LED bulb sockets, you can create a riveting, cinematic atmosphere for your home or theater. These products have been designed for streamlined ease and efficiency, as you can change poster displays effortlessly using the frontloading case.

Designing Your Marquee

You can customize poster marquees with a few unique design components tailored to your tastes and preferences. For instance, you can personalize the outer and inner frame finish, choosing amongst a broad range of options, including a sleek, solid, and polished appearance, and a metallic finish.

With the custom text option, you can deliver a unique message directly to your audience, which will give your marquee a noticeable level of personality and zeal. With the added backlighting, you can easily make your cinema promotion come to life. Finally, many people include a custom dater, such as “Coming Soon” or “Now Playing,” which can pique your customers’ minds with anticipation.

There are a few other considerations you should make, which could impact the appearance of your marquee. For instance, you must ultimately decide where you would like the light switch to be, especially if this has an aesthetic impact on your poster.

In terms of the dater box location, you should position it in a manner that is balanced and symmetrical. It is also important to note the length of the power cord, as this can affect the appearance of the marquee overall. The electrical connection that you select for your product may impact how you are able to mount it on a vertical surface also.

Electrical Features

It is important to familiarize yourself with the electrical features of your marquee for best results. For instance, the backlighting and the border often utilize different types of lighting, as they consume different quantities of energy and produce different qualities of lighting. So, it is important to understand the distinctions between T8 fluorescent light bulbs, and 7-watt light bulbs.

The electrical wiring will also play an important role in helping your poster marquee function properly. An electrician can assist you with his/her expertise and wire your marquee safely. Whether you choose to use a conventional cord, a recessed outlet, or hardwiring, an electrician can organize and connect the right wires, using a powerful and safe mechanism that keeps your marquee powered up without any safety hazards or difficulties.  Visit here for more information.

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