Concentrates Or Honey Oil: What’s Your Favorite?

There are similarities and differences to consider when choosing from either concentrates or honey oil as your vaping liquid of choice. Both are a great option and very popular with vapers, but most people have a preference between the two.

To help you decide which is best for you, let’s take a closer look at each on an individual basis.


Using a wax or a concentrate vaporizer or atomizer is different than the vaporizer used for e-juice or e-liquids. Concentrates are actually made using the same process as honey oil, but they are used very differently with your vaporizer.

With any type of concentrate, it will be important to carefully consider the potency as well as the purity provided by the producer. Purity is developed by using an effective process to remove the plant material and the processing chemicals and leave only the desired concentrate.

There are an increasing number of concentrate producers who are actually producing their own plants. This allows greater control over the raw material, allowing for improved consistency of the final concentrate. For consumers this means the same quality and product is experienced time after time. Processing also has to be consistent, including the whipping of the oil during cooling to give the crumbled waxy texture.

Honey Oil

Honey oil, like concentrates, is a popular option for vapers. Often using honey oil is known as dabbing, and it is a good match for specialized vaporizing kits that are designed with honey oil in mind.

Honey oil, has several medicinal properties that are similar to those found in concentrates. However, because of the specific process of concentrating the honey oil, there is a high level of both purity as well as potency in the carefully designed industrial types of extractions.

It is important when choosing honey oil, to ensure it isn’t done at home. With this process, there is a greater risk of not evaporating off all the gasses with the final product, which will result in lower quality and the presence of these chemicals within the final product that you will vape and consume.

Keep in mind shatter is also very similar to oils, and both are considered a purer option than concentrates for this reason. Look for a translucent quality to the shatter and the honey oil and be sure to verify the manufacturer’s process for quality.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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