Cape Town Flower Delivery Rules of Etiquette for Funerals and Memorial Services

by | Jul 11, 2013 | Shopping and Product Reviews


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Choosing a floral arrangement for a funeral is never an easy task. Often, you are dealing with your own grief and aren’t sure how to go about expressing the emotions you are feeling. Thankfully, rules of etiquette have been established to make the process somewhat easier and are based on your relationship with the person who has passed away. When contacting your Cape Town Flower Delivery service, make use of these rules to choose the perfect arrangement every time.

If you are a close acquaintance of the bereaved rather than the deceased, it is best to send a living plant or floral basket. Have the arrangement sent to the home or workplace rather than the funeral home. This lets the person know you are thinking of them during this difficult time.

Family and close friends of the deceased should choose a sympathy basket. This basket may be sent to the funeral home or it may be delivered to the home of the bereaved. Either is appropriate in this situation. Family members and good friends may also choose to send tributes, a special type of floral arrangement. The tribute may symbolize their occupation, hobby, an aspect of their personality or a personal love of theirs. A wide range of tributes are available to select from and tributes are appropriate for all to give when the deceased is to be cremated.

Anyone acquainted with the deceased may choose to send a cross, floral wreath or spray while grandchildren of the deceased may opt to go with a lid arrangement. Casket covers and lid arrangements are typically reserved for those within the family so, if you wish to send flowers of this type, be sure to speak to family members first to make certain they are comfortable with your doing so.

If the deceased is to be cremated, the type of Cape Town Flower Delivery depends in large part on whether a formal memorial service is planned. If one is, a tribute arrangement or any arrangement not typically handled by family member is appropriate. Floral basket arrangements are good for those situations where a service won’t be held or the memorial service will be held in the home of the bereaved.

If you are uncertain as to which arrangement is best, consult with your Cape Town florist. Staff will be happy to assist you in choosing an arrangement to honor the deceased.

At any given time of great loss or sickness some feelings and emotions may be simpler to convey with flowers. A straightforward funeral flower arrangement can help remind them of more happy days and offer a soothing notion that courage will triumph through tremendous grief. Visit webiste for more information.

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