Benefits Of The Durable Bahia Chaise

The Bahia chaise offers poolside guests a great amount of comfort and provides you with a durable choice in contract furniture. Most models come with reinforced slates and recessed wheels which can be used when necessary and pressured away when not wanted. The entire design of the chaise has been planned to provide a safe and comfortable fit for your guests. Whether lounging guests wish to sit or lay back all the way, this versatile chaise will be just right.

The Bahia chaise has been built to last. Its water and sun-resistant material will stand up to the elements for many years of use and have been found to hold up to 300 pounds. Not only does the chaise stand up to the exposure to weather and weight, but the color and detailing of the chaise will stand up to those elements as well. Built to be used, the chaise lounge retains its original color, is resistance to mold and moisture damage, and conforms to the ACFFA standards of quality.

In addition to its durability and strength, the Bahia presents a versatile and comfort option for all of your guests. The chair can be covered with attractive, colorful cushions. These cushions may have a solid color, stripes, or an attractive pattern. They are generally waterproof and have low maintenance requirements. The hooded cushions slip over the top of the chair to prevent the cushions from sliding off during use. In addition to the cushions, there are several other furniture options that coordinate with this versatile chaise lounge.

When you aren’t using the Bahia chaise, it can be folded and stacked for convenient storage. Storage space is almost always at a premium, so the ability to store this versatile piece of furniture makes it even more desirable. During the off-season, inclement weather, and when simply not wanted, your entire collection of chaise furniture can be folded down, stacked together, and stored in an out of the way place. If you have an appropriately sized tarp, then you’ll also be able to offer a better level of protection to the chairs.

The Bahia chaise was designed specifically for commercial use. It was designed and built to be used safely by large numbers of people in many different settings. From the recessed wheels, to the finger safety guard and the longer sleigh guides, the Bahia provides the poolside seating that you need.

Why look for anything else? The Bahia Chaise can provide the seating that you need and your guests desire. Look no further than the Bahia chaise for your poolside needs.

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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