A Honeybell Grove Basket from Florida is Just One of Many Healthy Gift Solutions

by | Sep 17, 2013 | Gifts


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Choosing the perfect gift is often time-consuming and difficult. There are few gifts that are welcomed by almost everyone. However, delicious healthy fruit from Florida is the exception, especially for those who live in colder climates. The Florida growers who specialize in handling, packaging, and shipping fruits offer a wide variety of healthy gifts, including:

HONEYBELL ORANGES: These sweet, juicy fruits are especially popular, and make wonderful gifts. For instance, when they send a Honeybell Grove Basket Florida growers include a big basket, just overflowing with fresh, delicious Honeybells. Customers can also include grapefruit, for a mixed basket. Oranges can be ordered in crates and boxes as well, so there is a package for every gift need and budget.

ORANGE PACKAGES: Customers can choose to send gifts with mixed orange “goodies”. These can include navel oranges, or navels and Honeybells. They can also include Honeybell Marmalade, Tropical Blossom Honey, and coconut patties. Many of these fruits are only available during winter months, when they make the ideal way to send “Happy New Year” greetings.

GRAPEFRUIT: There are few things that are more pleasant than fresh Florida grapefruit on a chilly winter morning, which is why Florida growers will happily ship them to colder climates. Like oranges, grapefruit gifts are available in different sizes and can include oranges, as well as marmalade, patties, honey, and other fun additions.

GIFT PACKAGES: In addition to gifts of fruit, growers will send packages created with other popular snacks. These can include chocolate sea salt cashews, rosemary and olive oil flatbread crackers, dirty martini dip, caramel popcorn, crystallized Ginger, and more. Florida is famous for its key lime products, and growers have several that they will turn into deluxe gifts. Packages can include such delicious items as Key Lime moravian cookies, water crackers, a bottle of Florida Key Lime Wine, and Mediterranean vegetable spread. You can also gift friends, family, and co-workers with a Dockside Key Lime Cake, which comes in four flavors.

Gift giving is much easier when you let Florida’s growers help. They can put together healthy, delicious gifts of fruit and other Florida goodies. Their gift boxes, crates, and baskets are the ideal way to send a little bit of sunshine and cheer to anyone living in a colder climate.

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