Put Some Bling in Your Man’s Ring

Over the years men’s jewelry has changed. In ancient times, men and women wore the same types of lavish jewelry as a sign of class and wealth. It was not unusual to see men dressed up with elaborate gems, pearls, and precious metals. For some reason, modern men’s jewelry is more conservative. When people think of richly encrusted rings, bracelets, and earring they might imagine jewelry designed for women. However, as styles change and evolve more options are being made available, and mens diamond rings are becoming more prevalent.

Wedding rings designed for men are often plain bands of gold, or more common now, bands of titanium. There are many men who would like the opportunity of buying tasteful diamond rings, but have a hard time finding a style that they like. There is a much wider selection for women’s engagement rings and wedding bands, but these are feminine and cater more toward female tastes and sensibilities.

Many men would like diamond accessories, but do not want a ring that looks like it was taken from a football champion. Fortunately, there are many options that will please even the pickiest shoppers. One option to consider is a tension ring. Tension rings are bands with an opening where a diamond is held only using the natural strength of a metal. The ring is forged, and then it is held open with a brace so that a gem can be placed in the crevice. When the metal is released, the qualities of the metal that make it strong, also make it spring back into its original shape, holding a diamond with no prongs.

Other options for mens diamond rings are bands inlaid with meteorite and set with a single diamond. The jagged geometric pattern in iron meteorite is very masculine, and it creates a beautiful contrast with a clean and clear diamond. Black diamonds are also another good choice for men’s rings. Their opaque color does not have the sparkle of a white diamond, but they do reflect a certain air of strength.

For men who do like a little bit of bling, there are plenty of options for them as well. A solitaire diamond set flush into a band is an understated, yet classy way to wear a diamond. If you choose a titanium diamond setting, make sure that you have had your fingers properly sized. Mens diamond rings made from titanium cannot be resized once they are cast.

Do not let anyone else tell you otherwise; mens diamond rings can be classy, stylish, and masculine. If you are looking for a ring to give a special man in your life consider simple and elegant mens diamond rings.

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