The Benefits of Buying Custom Cabinets from Manhattan Cabinetry NYC

by | Nov 11, 2013 | Kitchen and bath


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If you are in the market for new kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinetry, or closets and cabinets for your bedrooms, there are many benefits to ordering custom cabinetry compared to standard cabinetry. Manhattan Cabinetry NYC can help you with all of your custom cabinet needs, regardless of how big or small your space is. Here are some of the benefits of ordering custom cabinets.

You Get Cabinets That Fit Perfectly Within Your Space:

One of the biggest benefits associated with ordering custom cabinetry is that the cabinetry is designed to fit perfectly within your space, regardless of your space’s dimension. With standard cabinetry, the opposite happens. You have to use standard dimensions, meaning you may get cabinets that are slightly too large or too small for your space. This can leave you with dead space or cabinets that don’t fit correctly. Getting custom cabinets built to your specifications ensures your cabinets will fit the space, instead of trying to make the space fit the cabinets.

You Can Customize the Height:

Another mentionable benefit of ordering Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Doral is that you can customize the height of your cabinets. Not everyone is average height. Some people are shorter and others are taller. Those who are shorter may want cabinets that are lower to the ground, ensuring they can reach the countertop that is placed on top of the cabinets, or helping them to reach the top shelf in a wall mounted cabinet. On the other hand, those who are taller may want their cabinets to be a bit taller. This allows them to place a countertop at a higher height, so they don’t have to bend over when preparing food or reaching for their toothbrush. Customizing the height is beneficial to those of us who are not average height.

You Get the Exact Cut, Color and Design that You Want:

The last benefit to custom cabinets is that you are able to make all of the design decisions. You get the exact type of wood, the exact color of the cabinet, the exact cuts on the doors and the overall look you are going for. Oftentimes, people who select standard cabinets have to compromise somewhere, whether it be on the color or cut. It is hard to find exactly what you want if you don’t customize the cabinets.

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