Where to Go Bike Riding This Year

Do you look forward to riding your bike in the spring and summer months? If so, you understand the pleasure of exploring new places and seeing the sights from the back of your favorite bike. Why not try taking your bike to some new places this year and expand your horizons even more? Checkout three ideas of where to ride your bike this year.

A Local Park

Get your Tadpole Trike Rack ready to transport your bike to a local park this year. Nowadays, many local parks have cool bike trails either on cement or in a wooded area where you can ride along and take in all the natural scenery.

A Bike Path Near a Recreation Center

Check with your local recreation center for any bike trails around the facility. Many of today’s modern rec centers are providing plenty of outdoor exercise opportunities to members. You could load your bike onto your Tadpole Trike Rack and head for a trail that stretches a certain number of miles. One day you could ride two miles and the next day maybe double that distance. The bike trails at a rec center can also be a great place to meet others who love to feel the wind in their hair!

The Streets in Your Own Neighborhood

If you don’t feel like driving to a bike trail one day, take a leisurely trip around your neighborhood. Be sure to keep off the sidewalks and stay on the streets in order to avoid pedestrians. You may discover something completely new about the neighborhood you’ve lived in for a while.

Finally, taking your bike out for a long ride is not only good exercise, it can relieve stress and give you ample time to get lost

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    Author: Carmelo Speelman

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