Rheos Gear Floating Sunglasses: Perfect for Sailing & Surfing

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Shopping


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Who loves expensive sunglasses that sink into the water while you’re out fishing, sailing or surfing? Yeah, we totally understand. That’s why we put our heart and soul into engineering some of the most premium floating sunglasses on the market. Peruse our growing selection of multiple styles and dozens of colors. We’re certain you’ll discover the floating sunglasses of your dreams.

The TPX Difference

Rheos Gear sunglasses have TPX to thank for their magical floating abilities. TPX is our specialty material. We mold it into sunglasses that are 30 percent lighter in weight than similar sunglasses made of polycarbonate. Since our TPX sunglasses weigh less than any amount of water they displace, they float. It’s simple, scientific and convenient.

Despite its extremely lightweight density, TPX is highly resilient. Its inherent durability enables it to withstand whatever raucous on-the-water fun you subject it to daily. That means you can rock your Rheos Gear sunglasses for any occasion involving adventures on the water.

When Tech Met Fashion

Our ever-changing roster of sunglasses includes handsome oldies but goodies like wayfarers as well as an assortment of casual, fetching square and round frames. The silhouettes are classic and timeless, with a casual-to-dressy feel that complements your favorite outdoorsy gear.

Beyond mere style, our sunglasses come with a handful of protections to enhance sturdiness and resistance to wear. We apply a special coating to our lenses that makes them anti-scratch and anti-fog. They’re also polarized to filter out horizontally reflected light, or glare, without minimizing visibility.

Hydrophobic coating causes water to bead quickly and roll off the lenses. Oleophobic coating protects our lenses from the ravaging effects of salt water and oils. On top of all this, our lenses offer protection from UVA and UVB rays above the range of 400 nanometers, the most damaging UV range. Peruse Rheos Gear today for your next favorite pair of floating sunglasses.

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