Tools to Help You Get Started on Your Cake Baking Adventures

by | Aug 29, 2019 | Shopping


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In order to take your cake from a simple baked good to one that is a work of art and full of color and decorations, there are a few tools that you should have on hand. There are disposable cake accessories that you can get if you don’t have a lot of room to keep numerous items or if you don’t want to wash the tools that are used. Once you begin collecting tools to use with cakes, you can keep them in a storage container or a cabinet so that they are easily accessible when needed.

Pans and Tins

The first things that you should invest in if you want to bake cakes would be various pans and tins of different sizes and shapes. As you grow comfortable decorating the cakes you can add pans that have more details or even character pans. Try to get pans that are nonstick so that they are easier to wash. Liners are also important to have on hand when you’re baking to help keep the cakes from sticking.


When you’re decorating a cake, you want each layer to be as level as possible. One of the cake accessories that you want to consider getting is a leveler. This tool is placed on top of each layer so that you can see whether any areas need to be cut off before you begin decorating. There are also levelers that you can use to cut through a layer, leaving behind two layers that are even. This tool can also be used to cut across the very top of a cake layer to ensure that the uneven portion is removed.


If you’re baking and decorating cakes, you’re going to want to have a variety of decorations and colors on hand so that you can create beautiful designs. You can get liquid colors as well as gels and powders depending on the kind that you feel would be easiest to use. Start with a few drops or a small amount of liquid coloring to see how dark it is before adding any more to prevent the cake or frosting from getting too dark.

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