3 Ideas for Decorating Your Bellevue Family Room in a Chic, Functional Way

by | Oct 2, 2019 | Shopping


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While you can utilize the services of interior decorators and designers, it can be really nice to create a look in your home that fully reflects your style and personality. When you’re looking at a major room like the family room, everyone hangs out there. You want it to look as beautiful as possible. However, you don’t want people to feel as though they can’t drop a cookie crumb in it either. Consider some of the functional ways you can decorate your family room in a chic yet functional way.

1. Be Realistic About the Space

Never underestimate the size or shape of the room. Before you pick out your favorite choice of the area rugs in Bellevue or find a comfortable sectional, take measurements of the room. If the furniture is too massive, it’ll swallow the space completely.

2. Invest in Functional Pieces

Whether you have your own children or other children in your life, make room for them in your home by providing space for toys. However, you don’t want the toys to dominate the room. You can make sure the room remains tidy by creating an assigned space for toys when they’ve finished playing. Purchase an ottoman that doubles as a storage unit for all of the toys. That’s a chic yet functional way to maintain a living area.

3. Keep It Simple

Keep it simple by maintaining a polished, clean look. Don’t overcrowd the room with lots of picture frames, throw pillows and accessories. Keep things simple and minimal. Ultimately, if a room looks clean and spacious, it’ll naturally look chicer and more well-designed.

As you get creative with the look in your family room, you might find that your creative juices flow to the other rooms in your home. As you create and decorate, visit Mafi Rugs at www.mafirugs.com as they maintain a commitment to world-class craftsmanship with their stunning area rugs in Bellevue. Make a statement with Mafi Rugs.

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